Hugh Macartney
Principal Economist
PXT Central Science at Amazon


Curriculum Vitae (PDF)


About Me

I’m a Ph.D. economist with more than a decade of collective experience in the private sector and academia. I’m an expert in using reduced-form and structural econometric techniques to solve key business problems at scale. I currently lead a team of scientists as a Principal Economist within PXT (People Experience Technology) Central Science at Amazon, providing data-driven causal evidence to help senior leadership make high-stakes workforce decisions.
Research Interests

Public Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Personnel Economics, Urban Economics, Applied Econometrics
Teaching Interests

Public Economics, Labor Economics, Economics of Education, Microeconomics, Econometrics

Unequal Worker Exposure to Establishment Deaths (with Eric Nielsen and Viviana Rodriguez), Labour Economics, 73: 102073, 2021.

What Determines School Segregation? The Crucial Role of Neighborhood Factors (with Gregorio Caetano), Journal of Public Economics, 194: 104335, 2021.

School Boards and Student Segregation” (with John Singleton), Journal of Public Economics, 164: 165-182, 2018.

The Dynamic Effects of Educational Accountability,” Journal of Labor Economics, 34(1): 1-28 (lead article), 2016.
Working Papers

Self-Interest in Public Service: Evidence from School Board Elections (with Stephen Billings, Geunyong Park, and John Singleton), 2022.

A Quantitative Framework for Analyzing the Distributional Effects of Incentive Schemes (with Robert McMillan and Uros Petronijevic), 2021.

Teacher Value-Added and Economic Agency (with Robert McMillan and Uros Petronijevic), 2020.

Estimating the Direct and Indirect Effects of Major Education Reforms (with Michael Gilraine and Robert McMillan), 2020.